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Regretting You
Defending Jacob

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Strawberry Dole Whip


Keeping It In Ohio....The Columbus Zoo!!!! AKA The World's Largest Zoo

Last year, around this time, my family was planning vacations around Daniel's weeks vacation. We looked at surrounding states and states that have a coastline, after all, who doesn't want to set on a beach during the summer time. We were excited at the possibilities. First, we planned for Florida and Disney World, but could not get over the cost of plane tickets, hotel, and the whole sha-bang. It was ridiculous what we were paying. Then we thought about driving. Considering we were driving 2012 Dodge Durango, the cost of gasoline would have been equally horrendous considering we would have to put out money for a hotel, gas, food, ect. Needless to say we saw our summer 2014 dreams going down the drain. The math was just not looking good.

The day we decided to cancel all of our plans to Florida, we checked the mail to find a flyer for the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay. We looked online and saw all the amenities of the park and were not necessarily amazed, but glad that it was much closer to home, than Florida. It also helped that my mother in law, offered to pay for half the membership since her grandchildren's birthdays start in June. A week later we paid for the membership. We started going in June were very impressed. Not only is the Columbus Zoo the worlds largest and best zoo (not joking), but the surrounding areas are just as impressive. Attached to the zoo is a water park called Zoombezi Bay, which a couple water slides, a roller coaster, a wave pool, and couple waterways to float down. There are places to eat everywhere! The Zoo itself, is amazing!

The Columbus Zoo used to be just a zoo, but now it is so much more. Across from the zoo is a golf course, than attached to the zoo is the water park. For fathers who want some time to themselves with the guys, the golf course is just far enough away without being too far. The water park has many places for mothers and teenagers to tan and jump in the water. The park is just big enough to have a little privacy, without being too big to not be able to find someone within a few minutes. It is the perfect size. For grandparents, the zoo is the perfect place to take grandchildren or a great place to spend family time. Plus the membership to the zoo is very inexpensive considering how close it is to Columbus and all the attractions. If you do not live in Ohio, I encourage everyone to look at local attractions for summer fun.  

If you visit the WORLD'S LARGEST ZOO #organicmominthekitchen and send us pics!! =]] Let us know, maybe we can do a meet up there! =] 


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