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Ugly Love
Where the Crawdads Sing
The Moonlight Child
Becky: The Heartbreaking Story of Becky Watts by Her Father Darren Galsworthy
Drowning in Stars
Behind Her Eyes
The Girl in the White Van
Regretting You
Defending Jacob

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Strawberry Dole Whip


Homemade Tapioca Pudding

Ever since I was young, I have LOVED tapioca pudding so much; my father LOVES it and got me into it. But with out change on foods I have cut this out completely and it has been tough, but I decided to try and make this myself! And Oh Boy! Did I cannot believe I ever ate this crap pictured above! Making this homemade is something I will do very often; it is amazing!!

You Will Need:

1/3 Cup Small Pearl Tapioca
1/2-1 Cup Organic Sugar
1 Cup Water
4 Cups Organic Raw Milk
2 Organic Large Pasture-Raised Eggs
4 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract {or homemade}

Soak the tapioca pearls in a 4 quart stock pot, with the 1 cup water for 60 minutes. 

Whisk in your milk, sugar, and eggs; let stand for additional 30-60 minutes.

Place this mixture on the stove, and allow to come to a full rolling boil; be sure to stir this often with a wire whisk (how long to cook?)

Remove and let sit another 60 minutes, do not stir when it sits this 60 minutes; just leave it alone.

When cooled stir in the vanilla. The pudding will thicken as is cools. 

Recipe Adapted from Bob's Red Mill:


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