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Regretting You
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Strawberry Dole Whip


Tyme Iron

This past Saturday, July 9th 2016, my family (husband, kids and myself) had a HUGE ceremony at our Church. It was our Baptism, Vow Ceremony and First Communion! VERY big day for us! With having little to no time to get ready for this big ceremony, the Tyme iron was extremely handy. I have to wake up early, after staying up until 2 AM finishing up my crockpot yogurt, woke up at about 9 AM, had to make breakfast for the whole family, and start getting everyone ready. Kristopher, Kailee, myself, Daniel, my mom and stepfather all needed to shower before we left (since we were swimming the night before). Then the girls all needed to blow dry our hair and do something with it. I plugged in my Tyme iron and boy was I impressed by how fast it headed up! It took less than a minute!! I straightened Kailee's hair and mine in under 20 minutes (mine took longer because well it is very long). My mother than did her hair, and decided to try out the curling feature of it. One thing she did mention is how much she loved how fast she was able to put volume and curl in her hair in no time.

I managed to get some photos of my hair, when I first got the Tyme iron I was playing around with it trying to figure it out because let's face the facts, when you get something new you play around with it until you understand it. It did not take long to figure out, but I was a little confused at first with how to curl my hair.. so I reached out on Youtube and found the Tyme iron channel. I have to say I am extremely thankful for that channel or I would have been confused on how to use it. The Tyme iron has two sides, the gold plates facing out is straightening your hair and the side with the brown facing out is going to curl your hair.


Unboxing my Tyme Iron!! Sorry for the bad camera skills, Kailee recorded this! haha =]]

Okay, I should have cleaned my mirror, but who are we kidding! This was taken at midnight!! Yup, I am that person who stays up until 1 AM playing around with new 'toys' (in this case it was my new Tyme iron).

I am obsessed with the color and design of this iron! The 'V' shape is cool too; it allows for curling and straightening in the same iron and I love that

Kailee allowed me to take before and after photos of her hair. This is the before; her hair is everywhere!

Here I am straightening it. When using the flat iron side of the iron you want to make sure the gold plates are facing you, so you see them. To curl your hair you want to see the brown side facing you

I played around with Kailee's hair and the Tyme Iron and boy I am in love!! I cannot believe how amazing this iron is!! Here are the pictures of it, above and below! I am not going to lie, it took me a couple days to figure out how to curl my hair with it and Kailee's. But once I figured it out I was so happy!

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Also, comment below what else you would like to see us make!! 

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