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Strawberry Dole Whip


12.2.22 Grocery Haul & Menu

Cleaned out the fridge a few days ago, I typically like to give it a deep clean every 2 weeks before I go shopping for our menu for the 2 weeks. I try not to shop in between, but we need bananas, fruits, milks, eggs and bread then I have no choice. This week I had my husband fully grocery shop as I am down sick. He took charge, did the video, and my daughter made the short. He did NOT do too bad however he did not fill containers with the items (example cereal is in box still not its container lol) men! So, usually before I shop I like to finalize the next 2 weeks menu (I make our menu a month in advance but change things around as needed), look for coupons, then start clipping and adding to our Kroger account/Fresh account (sometimes I need things off Amazon Fresh that Kroger does not have). This week menu is posted. I did not film doing the coupons as I said I got sick. I am VERY excited to make ham & bean soup this week. Saturday Kai is cooking her amazing Asian Sesame bowl yummm I will see if I can film her (of course, I will never post her face as she does not want on the internet and I respect her privacy) but I can film her cutting and cooking :) and blur her face if it happens to get in the video. If you need motivation for your menu, here ya go!!

I love making sure I can afford organic good foods for my family, it is VERY important to me and my husband without breaking the bank and we do GREAT. This week we spent $364 for 2 weeks, I than uploaded my receipt into Fetch and got $10 gift card. Next, I updated my receipt into ibotta and earned $25.00 back on items. That is another $35 off, making our total $329 for 2 weeks of more than 75% organic items (now milk they were out of so we got some thats $3.00 more but we will need to get more of this next week, 1 gallon is not enough). If you divide our total by 2 (since it is a 2 week haul) we spent $164.50 a week on groceries. :) I hope this helps y'all out!! Any questions let me know.

If you like to see more posts like this, let me know!! I love helping people make better (healthier) meal choices. It helps to PLAN the month out so I can find hard items like sweet soy sauce for Sat or Masa & corn husks for tamales. I hate, hate, hate trying to find things I need last minute.


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